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Coin Bag - Money Bag - Zipper Pouch



This style ZCB-1 coin bag - zipper pouch can be made in almost any size and color.  It can be used as a money bag or to store any items you desire.  The stock pouches are made from 10.10 duck, which has a softer hand than the typical number/chair ducks.  A pouch similar to this has almost endless uses from storing an item (s) to making up coin/cash banks.  The bag shown here is 7 inches wide by 10 inches high.  This like all our bags and pouches can be altered in size and options to accommodate your needs.


ZCB-1 - 01-12 pouches - $8.75each
ZCB-1 - 13-24 pouches - $8.25each
ZCB-1 - 25-50 pouches - $7.75each
ZCB-1 - 51-75 pouches - $7.50each
ZCB-1 - 76 plus - PLEASE INQUIRE

Custom size pouches will be priced according to size.

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