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4"h x 7-1/2"w - Zipper Wallet


Bag Size: 4"h x 7-1/2"w

This VBB-47 style of vinyl zipper wallet is the ideal size for carrying dollars bills.  It measures 4 inches high by 7-1/2 inches wide.  Even though a bill is only six inches wide, the bag needs to be oversized to allow the bills to fit in nicely.  The above picture demonstrates that rather clearly.  If we made the bag six inches wide the actual zipper opening would be around five inches making it difficult to lay bills inside.

We stock this bag in: RED, ORANGE, WEDGEWOOD BLUE, BURGUNDY, PURPLE, HUNTER GREEN, NAVY BLUE & BLACK.  We can make this bag in any of our other vinyl colors.  Minimum orders for other than stock colors is eight bags.  This size bag is a WONDERFUL choice as a promotional bag.  Given out as a "promo-good will" bag people will use this handy size bag in their everyday life.  For storing shopping coupons, coins, bills, credit cards - WHATEVER!  Because of its size, people will just use it as a wallet to put in their car or even inside their larger purse or pocketbook.

For bag personalization in smaller quantities you can have this bag (s) HOT STAMPED which we offer in house.  Certainly we can screen print this bag with any logo, company information or any message you desire.  Please inquire without obligation about your special needs.

If you may consider printing on your bags, you can also take a look at our Visual Library to get a liitle idea of some screen-printed bags with a variety of layouts just to give you a reference point as well as some further information on printing and the general process.

VBB- 47  -      1  -      6 pouches      @$4.35 each 
VBB- 47  -      7  -    12 pouches      @$4.10 each 
VBB- 47  -    13  -    18 pouches      @$3.85 each 
VBB- 47  -    19  -    36 pouches      @$3.40 each 
VBB- 47  -    37  -    75 pouches      @$3.15 each 
VBB- 47  -    76  -  150 pouches      @$2.60 each 
VBB- 47  -  151  -  225 pouches      @$2.35 each 
VBB- 47  -  226  -  plus pouches      PLEASE INQUIRE   

<>Above is a sample of screen printed bag we did for one of our customers who is a premier State Farm Agent in Texas.  This bag is used by this gentlemen's agency to give to his customers as a good will-promotional bag.  When your customer carries this with him/her they are toting around your mini-billboard in a sense!!  If they would like to recommend your services to a friend they will NOT have to look far if you have a contact telephone number printed on the bag.  The benefits of this are far reaching and immeasurable!!!

Promotional-Good Will Vinyl Bag

^ 4"h x 7-1/2"w - Good Will - Promotional Bag ^ 

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