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Hooded Locking Zipper Bag


This style locking system is a very basic and economical system for locking a bag.  It was a very popular way of locking bags before the advent of multi-pin higher security locks.  It is still an effective and simple way of locking a bag and should be considered where high security IS NOT a concern.  To lock the bag you close the zipper and rotate the movable metal hood up.  There is a slot on the backside of the hood where the pull/tongue goes through.  You then place a padlock or tamper resistant security seal through the pull/tongue and this locks the bag.  It is commonly used for transporting things like papers and documents but is certainly not limited to that.  We can incorporate this "hooded" system in many bags we produce.  It is most commonly used in our VBB series of vinyl bags because of economy.  We do not include pricing on this system because it can go into so many styles and sizes of bags.  It generally adds about $4.75 to the cost of a bag which includes a lock and two keys.  Please inquire with yours needs.

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