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The HIPAA complaint bag shown here measures twenty inches wide by sixteen inches high.  The bag displayed above has a legal size hanging folder inside just for size reference.  It is protruding above zipper line ONLY for photo purposes!  As you can see there is plenty of room to spare on both sides.  It would slip down in this bag with four inches of headroom. This bag can hold many papers, medical charts, x-rays, etc.  This bag is excellent for transporting patient records from one facility to another.  The zipper travels around the edge giving you a wide opening to make placing documents in and out simple.  It has a six pin high security locking device.  Bags come with two keys and there are various options regarding key control such as keyed alike, random keyed, or mastered.  These bags can be made in different fabrics such as laminated nylon, expanded vinyl, canvas, Codura.  They are also available in multiple colors which sometimes can be very useful for color coding.  Two other very popular sizes in this style bag are 18"w x 14"h and 16"w x 12"h. Custom sizes can be made at your request.  We can sew on handles if needed.

Pricing below is for laminated nylon with coil-nylon zipper

HIP2016  -      1  -      6 BAGS      @$31.95 each 
HIP2016  -      7  -    12 BAGS      @$29.95 each 
HIP2016  -    13  -    18 BAGS      @$27.75 each 
HIP2016  -    19  -    36 BAGS      @$26.75 each 
HIP2016  -    37  -    75 BAGS      @$25.75 each 
HIP2016  -    75  -  plus BAGS      PLEASE INQUIRE 

Locking Document Bags

Bag sizes shown ^ here ^  from top to bottom are:

BLACK-10"w x 7"h - ORANGE-12"w x 9"h - ROYAL BLUE-16"w x 12"h - RED-18"w x 14"h
KELLY GREEN-19"w x 15"h - NAVY BLUE-20"w x 16"h - FOREST GREEN-22"w x 18"h

Bags are available in other sizes for different size requirements 
and can be made in custom sizes as well.

Black, Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Gray, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, White, Yellow 

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