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This handy cover - bag/purse is used to cover the most important book in the world, the Bible.  The outside cover is a very rich looking textured rugged burgundy vinyl bordered in black. This Bible cover has a coil/nylon zipper which travels around the entire three edge opening perimeter.  The cover has a flat strap/carrying handle on left side.  It also comes with a clear sewn on window which can be seen in top picture where you can insert a card with your name or whatever you desire.  It has left and right "wings" where the hard cover will slide into and hold the book in place.  These also serves as a place to slide and store papers into as well.

The cover measures approximately 12 inches tall by 8 inches wide closed.  When opened laying flat it  would be about 12"h x 16"w as demonstrated in the top picture. The maximum Bible size would be about 10-1/2 inches high by 8 inches wide with the book closed.  Of course it would easily accommodate a smaller version.

These covers can have the name of your church or organization and any other text you would like to include screen printed on the front.  Gold leaf is by far the color of choice giving the cover an even richer look!  We can now also  personalize a single cover with your name - initials or whatever you would like with our NEW hot stamp foil printing. Please inquire about details and pricing on larger quantity screen-printing options.

Similar style covers not nearly the quality of this, typically sell for $18.00 - $35.00 and up.  We offer this Bible cover wholesale to the public....

Price - @$9.99 each

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