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7 Pin Pop-Up Lock Locking Bag

This style locking bag has a 7 pin tumbler system incorporated for superior security that pops  up.  Locks are secured with solid steel pins for greater protection and tamper resistant security.  Bag cannot be locked without key which would prevent a person from locking the key inside bag by mistake! Bags come in heavy 18-oz. canvas, imperial nylon, laminated nylon and Cordura.  The corners are curved to prevent the bag from hanging up in night deposit chutes. 

Locks may be keyed alike, random keyed, or random keyed to a master key.  These bags come in different sizes such as: 10"w x 7"h, 10-1/2"w x 9"h, 12"w x 9"h, 16"w x 12"h.  Custom sizes can be made as well.


1st - Size!  Is it going to accommodate what you intend to place inside?? - UP DOWN - LEFT TO RIGHT - THICKNESS
2nd - KEYS!!!  How will you handle keys?? Who do you want or not want to have them??

FABRICS AVAILABLE: 18 oz canvas (cotton), imperial nylon, laminated nylon and Cordura.

COLORS: Navy, Black, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Gray, Brown, Red, Orange, Forest/Hunter Green

Keys/Locks: Random Key, Random Key/Master, Keyed Alike

These bags can be screen printed with a low one time setup fee or embroidered with your information on the front of the bag.  Options like larger framed windows can be added as well.  Please contact us with any special needs or custom request.

We generally stock this bag in NAVY - 12"w x 9"h - laminated nylon. Other colors must be a minimum of 12 bags.  You can mix fabric colors in groups of 4 each color one size bag, or of course all bags can be the same color.....

*7PPU129 - 12"w x 9'h - MOST POPULAR

7PPU129  -      1  -      6 BAGS      @$23.75 each 
7PPU129  -      7  -    12 BAGS      @$22.50 each 
7PPU129  -    13  -    18 BAGS      @$21.50 each 
7PPU129  -    19  -    36 BAGS      @$20.75 each 
7PPU129  -    37  -    75 BAGS      @$19.50 each 
7PPU129  -    76  -  100 BAGS      @$18.50 each 
7PPU129  -  101  -  150 BAGS      @$17.99 each 
7PPU129  -  151  -  plus BAGS      PLEASE INQUIRE 

Keyed Alike add $0.50 - Random Keyed/Master add $1.35 per bag extra to above pricing 


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