Below are just a few screen printed bags in various sizes and colors just to give you a small idea what can be done.  We can print one - six colors or more if needed to achieve the end result you desire.  As far as matching colors such as a PMS color, that can only be done on white vinyl or white backgrond.  This would be true with any manufacturer because the vinyl color would/will affect the print color.  Please be mindful that this is screen-printing on vinyl and NOT four color process like you would do on paper.  The things you need to avoid are shading, gradation and registration concerns.

If you intend to incorpoarte a logo on your bags which we do on a daily basis, we would be glad to review your artwork and let you know if there is any obvious or potential problems.  If you are just using text on your bags we will lay that out for you and present you with a few variations for you to choose from at no charge for the text layout.  When you choose the size bag that you want to use we will give you the maximum size parameters for your printable area.  As a general rule, you want to have a one inch margin on all sides of your printed area.

We ALWAYS send you a "signoff-proof" for your final review before any printing is started!  We will walk you through every step of the way with your bag printing job and throughly explain anything that you may possibly not be clear on or confused about.  We are going to make your job easier!!!!!!!!!!

Artwork needs to be at 300 DPI ( dots per inch ) in resolution.  We can open up any file format in 99.9% of all cases.  We pride ourselves in the attention to detail and make very few mistakes in production.  As with any of our products please call us with any possible concerns or special needs.  You will get extremely personal attention from begining to end...
SIDE NOTE:  Throughout the year we speak to thousands of people and always try to get their input and observations as well.  What we have found is that when it comes to printed bags - whether it is being used stricly as a promotional-marketing or good will item, or an everyday bag used in your day to day business to coincide with perhaps your corporate identity, you will more than likely discover before long one simple fact.  People DO NOT throw these bags out and generally they are close at hand.  People may even take out your printed propaganda if the bags had such enclosed and will use them to put their own personal property inside.  They will carry the bag around in a vehicle or pocketbook and that is fine!  Think of it this way - They are now carrying your mini billboard around with them!!!!  Of course there is no gaurantee but you may find as thousands of our customers have, it may just be some of the best advertising money you will ever spend..!!!!...
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